At His Feet

When Jesus was walking on earth there was a family of three siblings who were close friends with Him.  From what the scriptures imply, He likely visited their home as often as He was out there direction.  One such occasion was recorded (Luke 10:38-42) that provides a glimpse into the personalities of the two sisters.  While Jesus was relaxing in their home, Martha was busy making preparations (likely making a meal and preparing a place for Jesus and his disciples to stay the night).  Mary, on the other hand, took the opportunity to get as close to Jesus as she could.  She sat at His feet.  This really irritated Martha, who turned to Jesus and asked Him to tell Mary to help her because she was serving alone.  His response was to remind Martha that while what she was doing was fine and even good, Mary had chosen the better  part.  She had chosen to be close to her Lord and listen.

While Martha worried, Mary worshiped.

I think each one of us has a tendency to naturally lean toward being either a Martha or a Mary.  For some of us it may be easier to sit and rest with the Lord while others have an easier time  jumping in to help and serve.  Both are important but if we aren’t spending time with the Lord as Mary did we won’t be as effective serving the church and reaching the lost. This is a lesson I am constantly learning in my journey.

When left in my natural state, I am a Martha almost exclusively.  It takes a lot more  resolve and purposefulness for me to behave as Mary did.

The remainder of this page is basically a list of sorts (for now) of resources that help me or encourage me to sit at His feet, as well as (in time) some of my own reflections from  my time learning from Him.

My hope is that these inspire you to both get still and quiet as Mary did and get up and serve as Martha.


Desiring God (this is one of my favorite places to go look up devotional like articles and sermons from great men of God)


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