Leaving Earth

Living on this planet has its ups and down.

When I noticed #ReasonsToLeaveEarth trending on twitter today, I thought to myself “I have to write about that”.

You Have Your Reasons...B (1)

So, here you go.




I mean, really, I hate to spend money.

My dad taught me a lot of things about money: here are the top two.

Number one is to hold on to as much of it as you can, especially when you are young, because life isn’t just about today.  You need to have some wiggle room when life throws you a curve ball and you need to have a way to take care of yourself when you are old.

Number two is that even though you should save, you have to spend money to make money (I dislike this very much).  If you want to start a business or a side hustle you have to invest in it financially before you can see any profits.

So, I want to leave earth to travel to a place where money is no object.  I want a homeland without bills.


No. 5

It has been three and a half years since I set foot in a classroom (my last days of college).  For some this may seem like a short time, but for me it seems like forever.

I enjoy learning about certain things, but I loathe the process.  All the late nights studying and trying to remember facts (the ones with numbers in them are the worst).   All the tests.  All the grades.  Those things stress me out.

I’m not looking to become better in science or history anymore at this point in my life.  But what I am looking to learn more about is how to be a better wife and mother, how to control my thoughts and emotions in order to better focus on what is important, and how to better serve those around me.

I would love to live in a place where the knowledge and wisdom is easily within my grasp.


No. 4

I love to sleep.

Especially since becoming a mom, I can sleep at almost any time of day or night and under almost any circumstances as long as I know my family is safe.  You do not have to ask me twice if I want to take a nap because the answer is always yes.

But wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t need sleep?

Think of how much more productive we could be.  Think of how much we miss while we are asleep for eight hours of our day (if we are lucky, that is).

To be able to call somewhere home where I didn’t need to sleep in order to survive and function?  Now, that would be a dream (pun intended  ).

    #3- FOOD

    No. 3

    I enjoy cooking, especially when I get to make something really delicious.  But the need to have a balance sometimes gets in the way of my fun in the kitchen.

    I would be very much ok with leaving for a place where calories didn’t count and everything tasted amazing!


    No. 2

    No one likes to be sick or suffer.

    It breaks my heart to see my daughter fall and hurt herself or spend the night throwing up (and even worse if my hubby and I are throwing up too).

    And of course on this planet, there is emotional suffering too.  People are constantly fighting.  No one seems to be able to get along for more than ten seconds.  It doesn’t matter if you are leaders of countries with opposing values or a husband and wife who can’t decide on the color to paint the shutters-tension is everywhere.

    I want to leave earth for a place where my family and I wouldn’t have to deal with all the pain and suffering that life on this planet has been dealing us all these years.



    No. 1

    I am incomplete here.  Jesus Christ started a work in me when I chose to follow Him and make Him LORD of my life.  That work won’t be finished until I am face to face with Him in heaven.

    The only place I would rather be than on earth is in heaven.

    You see, I believe that God made this earth to serve a purpose- to serve mankind.  In exchange mankind is supposed to be good stewards and take care of it as best we can in our fallen state.  I’m not going to lie, I definitely could be doing a better job in the “tend and keep” department but alas, I’m a work in progress.

    Each of the six reasons I listed for wanting to leave earth will all be granted me one day in heaven.  I won’t have to pay bills because God will provide all that I could ever need and then some.  I won’t have to worry about knowledge or wisdom because all that God intends for me to know, in that place I will know.  Food and sleep will be insignificant (although I hear there will be a pretty big feast up there).  No one will be fighting because the only thing that will matter is Jesus.  He will wipe away the tears of His children they will be in peace evermore.  We who have called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation will be leaving.

    The only way any of us get to leave earth is if go to heaven or hell.  There are only two roads out.

    Some left today.  As I sit here typing and as you read this some are leaving.

    Heaven has the one thing that we all need- the one thing that completes us and makes all the hardships on this earth vanish in a breath.  His name is Jesus.  Also, He makes the earth a lot less ugly too.  When you have His Spirit doing a work in you, here on the earth, things don’t look nearly so grim.

    Are You Ready to Leave Earth-

    Are you #ReadyToLeaveEarth?

    If you’re not or you are unsure, you can get ready by calling on Jesus.  I did, and it’s the best choice I ever made.

    Follow the link here to learn more belonging to Jesus.

    You can read about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Heaven, Creation of the Earth, and so much more here.

    I hope that your #EarthDay was a good one



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